Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Ghost in the School?

Today was crazy busy with Hallowe'en activities taking place throughout the school in the afternoon. I got running around trying to finish up a few things before I leave at the end of the week so I didn't have time to get any pictures. But I was able to duck my head into a few classrooms and the smiles and laughter told me how the afternoon was going. Hallowe'en visitors started showing up shortly after 5pm. I don't know the exact number but I'm guesstimating I had in excess of 100 scarey visitors again this year. By 6:30pm I was cleaned out of goodies and the kids were starting the dwindle. There was a community gathering at the community gym so I was expecting a quiet night to allow me to focus on this weekend's tournament.

Just after 7pm I got a call from my housemate who is housesitting for our principal. Apparently, the alarm had been tripped at the school which then automatically called his house. Monty and I booted down on a 4-wheeler and checked all the doors. The gym is sectioned off from the rest of the school and was full of people for Hallowe'en events so I checked the door linking the gym to the school thinking someone beat through the door. This didn't seem very likely as our school is wired with cameras. A fellow would have to be just plain dumb to pull a stunt like that. I checked all the primary end doors while Monty checked the senior end. All the entrances were secure. Nothing. We were left scratching our heads. The number one suspect was found lying on the floor just past the junior high classrooms. It appears a banner left over from this afternoon's Hallowe'en bash had fallen off a wall and triggered the motion-sensitive alarms. We'll check the video cameras tomorrow just to be sure but unless we were visited by a ghost I'm pretty sure the fallen banner was the cause. How appropriate for a Hallowe'en night!


Jen said...

A great Halloween Memory though, even if it was the banner, there must have been some element of spooky to it!

Bonnieupnorth said...

As per usual although I do not always leave a comment but appreciate your blog as does keep me up witht e news inAB. Smiling about your entry on the fire alarm and I have have a mewmry at age 12 pulling the alarm in a church basement just because i mwAAS CURIOUS! Know court was happening on the 29th...take care , Bonnie