Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Different View

Its been quite interesting to see the workings of a school from an administrative point of view rather than that of a classroom teacher. I've learned a lot - though sometimes I find out a few things I wish I didn't know. But all in all, I can say my multi-tasking abilities have definitely improved and I am glad for the experience and the vote of confidence I have been given.

Quite a busy week this week with Halloween tomorrow, court proceedings currently underway in our community gym, teachers out with the bug and 3 staff (including myself) heading out at the end of the week for a soccer tournament. Court times are always interesting. Aside from the fact that it wipes out soccer practices right before our tournament (grr!), you notice students tend to act out a little bit more if they have relatives involved in the court proceedings. Halloween helps a bit since we can take a break from routine and run some fun activities in the afternoon, as we plan to do tomorrow.

Having a lot of Ill teachers can be a bit of a nightmare for administration depending on the time of day and the classes affected. We essentially have no qualified subs to work with and sometimes you can run through your entire substitution list and not find anyone available. This has happened a few times the past couple days so I've had to cover temporarily for ill staff members or use a classroom assistant. Last Friday afternoon I was my own substitute as no one was available to cover my afternoon classes while I filled in for our principal (I didn't know something like this was possible). At any rate, I expect Tim to be back by the time I return from Iqaluit next week so I can return to my regular duties. I've dealt with many big issues the past couple weeks about which I really can't say to much here. However, I do my best to deal with them keeping in mind that I am on "Acting Admin." and that there are many issues that simply too large for one person to solve on their own. Having said this though, if this same opportunity to help out the running of our school presented itself again in the future, I'd be game.

On another note, after a few minutes of happy anarchy I distributed all the soccer uniforms after class today to my young charges. They are all pumped (as am I) for the big tournament this coming week in Iqaluit. If all goes according to plan (and the weather cooperates!) we should be on a van and headed out to Nanisivik early Friday morning. This is the biggest tournament yet. 26 teams spread across 5 age divisions from 9 communities should be there. Something like 71 games will be played. And how will we do among all these numbers? I'm very confident that all 3 Arctic Bay teams will medal. It's just a matter of what colour those medals will be.