Thursday, October 25, 2007

Career Education Day

The Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce was in town today holding a Career Education Day in our community gym. I played a small role in helping to organize the day and apart from a few small glitches, the day went quite well. It was a long day though and I know I will be happy to see the weekend roll around. I attended a community feast at the end of the day and accepted a banner on behalf of our school for hosting today's big event. Tomorrow we are having qamutik (sled) races at our school and I am really looking forward to that. I didn't get many pictures from inside our gym today as I was all over the school as called upon but I hope to get some good pictures for race day tomorrow.

I snapped this quick photo from my classroom window this morning around 10am. I have a couple better shots but was having difficulty posting them this evening. My photo doesn't realy show it but ice is finally starting to form out on the bay.

In other news, it looks like at least one (and hopefully both) of our new hires will be here in the community by the end of next week which will do wonders for our staffing nightmare. Next Friday is also the day my teams fly out to Iqaluit for soccer regionals. I've always found November to be a rather busy month but tournament time is always a good time for players and coaches alike. The kids are getting excited (they only remind me 20 times a day that they can't wait to get to Iqaluit) and so am I!