Sunday, September 02, 2007

Long Weekend

I finished up my first full week of the school year yesterday and can say things have gotten off to a good start. I have to admit that it has been a pretty exhausting week. It's been a big adjustment with all my new colleagues and no familiar faces from last year in my end of the school. But I knew from the get-go it would be a long first week back so you just roll with it.

At any rate, I'm totally soaking up this long weekend to re-charge my batteries. Our sea lift ships arrived over the course of the past week. Monty's skidoo was off-loaded so I went down to the shoreline to lend a hand in getting it back up to the house. As it turned out, my services weren't required. My main occupation consisted mostly of plodding around in some rather thick mud by the breakwater and avoiding getting squashed by all the heavy machinery driving around. I watched with unbelieving eyes as a very obliging forklift driver delicately slid the skidoo, crate and all, onto the back of the RCMP truck for a short haul up the hill to the house.

Of course, now that Monty has his shocks and skis attached to his shiny black Arctic Cat, I have spent the past couple days deciding what machine I will get for this year. A number of new skidoos came up on the barge so I was down to the Northern to take a peek at what was there. I'm not sure yet which one I'll get but I have a couple in mind. I considered a sleek red 800cc in order to keep up with Monty's fast machine (boys and their toys). But I'll likely settle for a 550cc. At any rate, we don't have any snow (yet) so I still have plenty of time to decide.

We've also turned our place into Poker central the past couple Friday evenings and to my housemate's chagrin, I'm picking up the game pretty fast. Poker is a game I didn't really know anything about until about two weeks ago. I was able to put my quiet, introverted personality to good use the other night as I managed to pull off some great bluffs early on and take the first game. Naturally, the law of averages (and my inexperience) soon took over after that and I was crushed in our second game.
But I still managed to escape with a grand total of $25 by the end of the night.

So yes, it was been a pretty quiet weekend so far. I did read an annoying (to me at least) CBC article about Jack Layton flapping his gums over northern sovereignty. I'm tempted to throw in my rebuttal but its getting late so I will save it for another time.


J Consortium said...

I laughed at what you said about Jack Layton flapping his gums. He was in town a few days ago and I had the chance to meet him and attend the community feast that was held for him.

Are you enjoying have a roommate again?


Way Way Up said...

Now I have someone to race against when I get that shiney new Summit 550 or that Expedition GTX or that little yellow MXZ or......