Monday, August 27, 2007

Tales From The Arctic

The Arctic Bay blogging scene is heating up...and really who can blame it? This is a truly unique part of Canada. The newest blog on my sidebar is "Tales From The Arctic", begun by Kendra, one of the new teachers on staff at our school.

It's always refreshing to get a new perspective on things. I find myself not always commenting on things that I know I would have commented on had I had my blog back in 2003 when I first set foot in Nunavut. I suspect this is simply because to me certain things that might catch the attention of a new-comer no longer seem that "strange" to me and I consider them to be just a normal part of daily life. (or perhaps I'm just entering a stage of early senility) Anyhow, between Clare's blog, Kendra's blog and my own ramblings, one can get a pretty good view on the daily workings of our fair little town.