Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Google Meme

I've been tagged by Clare over at Arctic House with the following "Google" Meme. Here goes!

Darcy needs...

1) to know
2) more friends (ouch! that's harsh!)
3) help against Reichert (I guess that's why I need more friends then :) )
4) turkee (yeah I could bear to put on a few pounds I suppose)
5) a vehicle to defy the laws of physics (well, I do plan to go skidoo shopping in the near future)

Darcy is...

1) a fictional character
2) always correct (wonder what Mom would think about that one)
3) a great Netroots candidate (huh?)
4) just one of many who've been influenced by "Jane Eyre"
5) bland (ouch!)

Darcy likes...

1) everything (so much for numbers 2,3,4 and 5 on the list)
2) stop motion animation
3) to operate (hmmmmm)
4) to show students an old issue of Science magazine
5) household surfaces to be free of clutter

Darcy wants...

1) the Global title (egomaniac that I am)
2) to be Europe's Ryder Cup captain against the USA in 2006 (ha! like I can golf!)
3) to talk about having kids (hope Mom doesn't read this)
4) to marry her (good thing we discussed the children issue first)
5) nothing more than to be a reporter

Darcy gets...

1) engaged to a handsome rich man (but only in Canada, Massachusetts and San Fransisco)
2) a lot of letters from girls
3) fed up with her(!) husband (because of all those letters maybe?)
3) fired for non-delivery
4) a job at a local vets office
5) into all the best clubs (social butterfly that I am)

Darcy says...

1) thanks
2) the alliance provides a great benefit to his firm's clients (woo hoo!)
3) AnA! AnA! AnA! AnA! AnA! (as I get locked in the nice padded room)
4) you don't look too feverish
5) that soccer has made a huge impact on his life (well, coaching it sure has)

Too funny! I'll do my best to tag a fellow blogger after I stop laughing here!