Saturday, August 18, 2007

Getting Back in the Groove

Its been a pretty busy past couple of days with all the new staff members arriving, which partially explains my lack of posts. The other reason is that my old laptop up and died on me earlier in the week but this finally gives me the justification for getting a new Macbook. (Thank goodness for new housemates with Dell laptops!)

As I mentioned we have a number of new faces so the past few days I've been helping to get them settled in and oriented before we hit the ground running on Monday. There was a major communication foul-up somewhere in the food chain so no one seemed to know which housing units the new hires were going to be going into. I won't get into all the details since everything has now been ironed out more or less and I do want to keep at least some of my hair intact.

On a brighter note (quite literally), we've been experiencing from pretty nice temperatures since I've returned. I've had my living room window open for the past several days to prevent my house from becoming a furnace.

Time to head out and introduce myself to a couple of teachers I haven't met yet and to enjoy a bright sunny day.