Sunday, August 26, 2007

Battle of the Flags

I had an opportunity yesterday to show off my northern "know how" to some of my new colleagues. Monty, Nick and April had been talking about heading up King George all week and I went along with them to show them the route up. It was a bit muddier than last time I had climbed it but I did want to show them the great views from the summit before we all got too busy with work.

Aside from the views, another incentive for Monty to summit was that we had heard from one of the narwhal researchers in town that there was a Newfoundland flag sitting up in the large cairn at the top. As a Newfoundlander, he just had to go up for a peek.

As an Ontarian, I couldn't let this go unchallenged.

A view of Arctic Bay from the summit of King George.

Heading down is oh so much easier!


Life in YK Delta said...

Love the scenery..Does the area have like moose, bear or fox?

Way Way Up said...

No moose this far above the tree line but we do get our fair share of polar bear and arctic fox around the area.