Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back Home......eventually

After a small delay with my flight, I arrived back in Arctic Bay last night. I landed in Iqaluit Monday but was delayed a couple days due to back weather at Nanisivik. Yesterday was a loooooong day at the airport. A 2:30pm flight was continually pushed back throughout the course of the day because of "mechanical problems". Eventually after close to 9 hours of waiting in the terminal, the flight took off just before 8pm which meant I got in the door here just after 1am. I found myself thankful for the near 24-hour daylight and the bit of jet lag I still had from my Europe trip which nicely tricked my inner clock into believing it was early morning. A quick nap early this morning and I was peachy fine.

Next week is the first day back for staff so we expect many new faces. I decided to get back a few days early to beat the rush of new teachers and get myself organized for what will be a busy year I'm sure.

On another note, I managed to get all my Europe photos safely onto the old laptop without frying or melting it. If all goes according to plan (and if my flight back is any indication, who knows) I hope to get some pictures of my trip to the Czech Republic up and linked to my blog starting this weekend.

In the meantime, I can say it was a great adventure. Highlights included being able to see the 3 largest castles in the country, nabbing a pretty nice hotel for just over $26CDN for not one but two nights during my stay in one small Bohemian town and attending a performance of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni in the very theatre that saw its 1787 premiere. Oh yes......the food was pretty amazing too.

No matter how much apple strudel I ate (and it was quite a bit) I don't think I gained a single ounce during the entire trip.

Yeah, I know....taking pictures of food......but it's all part of my master plan to inveigle my parents into a trip to this fantastic little country.