Friday, August 10, 2007

Arctic Port in Nanisivik

There's been a lot of buzz in Nunavut since the Conservatives came to power over the whole issue of arctic sovereignty and how it would be addressed by the Prime Minister. I had been hearing plenty about northern military bases and arctic ports but as with most things when it comes to government, I tend to believe it when I see it.

Today in Resolute Bay, Harper announced future plans for a military training facility in that community, along with a port facility over in Nanisivik. The buzz around town was that Harper might put in an appearance in Nanisivk but I haven't heard anything further on that.

I'm glad to see that the port there will be used for something now that the mine is gone. Construction is due to start in 2010 and finish in 2015. Of course, this is government we're talking about here but at this announcement is at least a step in the right direction. It's high time Ottawa starting doing more to promote its northern presence. I recall seeing poll after poll growing up which asked Canadians what cuts should be made in order to pay for all the other government largess. Time and again, cutting military spending came up. I guess now we bear the fruit of enlightened Liberal Party "intelligence". Canada is so far behind nations like Russia, the U.S. and Sweden when it comes to being able to operate in arctic climes. Finally, Ottawa, and much of Canada, has woken up.


Anonymous said...

dear darcy; glad you finally aarrived, your sister asked if we had heard from yu, was worried i guess, i knew you would be busy should of known it would be your travel delaying you. they must see you coming. your blog is fabulous so interesting i especially like the photo at the beginning of the town wouldn't mind a print of that for the wall. well pieter left today amid afew tears, you know your mother, but i'm sure he will be back and that gives us a place and excuse to go to holland. well back to work and will talk to you soon, naoko is coming 18 sept for only a week as she is busy so i am excited about that. love you lots mom xx scott

J Consortium said...

Hi Darcy, thanks for the kinds words you left on our blog. Your blog is one of our favourites, too. :)

I hope your summer is going well, it looks like it is!


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