Monday, July 30, 2007

Back in Brussels

At the moment I am back at my uncle's in Brussels. I head home mid-week with many great memories and experiences under my belt. A month is really much too short to take in an entire country, though I did give it the old college try and did see more than I thought I would. There were no major hassles or crises other than the odd surly bus driver and realizing I could only fit so many CDs and books into my backpack. The only time I really got lost was actually at Trudeau International in Montreal. Once I got to Prague though, getting around was a snap.

I was able to see the three largest castles in the Czech Republic along with countless other smaller palaces. A big highlight for me was getting a chance to see Mozart's opera Don Giovanni earlier this week in Prague in the same theatre that saw its 1787 premiere. I'm not a huge opera fan but I'm still very glad I didn't pass up the opportunity to see it. Seeing the inside of the theatre alone was worth the price of admission.

The only wrinkle in the trip was that a mistake was made on my return ticket to Brussels. For some reason they had me taking a train out of Frankfurt the day before I was supposed to arrive there from Prague. I ended up having to buy a second train ticket in Prague in order to return to Brussels on the day I wanted. I'm not sure how I missed that little detail but for once in my life I'm glad I hung on to the receipt and after standing in a couple different line-ups I was able to get a refund for that portion of the trip.

A month really is a short amount of time looking back now and my brain is already thinking about destinations for next year. No real plans yet but I have a whole year to decide and seeing how this was such a positive learning experience for me I know I'll be back in the future.

I took quite a number of photos while I was there (close to 1300 if I remember correctly) so I'm not 100% sure about how or if I can get them all on-line. I'm toying with the idea of creating a second smaller blog about my trip and linking it to this one. (Obsessive writer that I am, I did keep a small travel diary with me for posterity.) So once I return to Arctic Bay next week I'll have a couple extra weeks before classes start to get that project off the ground.

It will be very different at the school this year with all the new faces and I was able to get in contact with my new housemate for the fall so that we don't end up with two of every item in our unit. But enough about work.......I'm on holiday.
I do look forward to getting back to Arctic Bay soon. It just doesn't feel the same trying to blog when I'm such a distance from there. I'm also keen on escaping any more European heat waves this summer. The entire second half of my trip was one big roaster. +38C! Yikes. -38C, now that I can handle!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ahoj from Brno

Just a quick post to I was hoping to do at least one quick entry from "across the pond". So far the trip has gone smoothly. I am in Brno for a couple days before making my swing back up to Prague and home. The people, scenery, food and photo ops have all been excellent. My only regret is that of not having enough time to fit in everything I would like to see....but there are always more summers for that.