Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Think I'm Going to Like This Europe Thing!

It only took two years of planning but I finally managed to pull it off. I made it into Brussels early this afternoon (local time). I met my uncle at the airport here and plan to take the next couple days to explore some of the city's sights here before I head off further east. To say that I'm ecstatic to be here would be an understatement. In fact, I'm sure its this exact same level of euphoria that is holding off the inevitable jet-lag which I'm sure I will start to feel tomorrow.

Everything is much smaller here than what I am accustomed to - from the streets, to the cars to the houses. From the way Belgian motorists drive, I'm guessing red lights are just suggestions. I went out for an evening stroll around the block and my uncle pointing out the special um....."pooping areas" they have set up for dogs here. (I'll try to get a picture up....of one of the signs, when I get a chance. He also made the observation that it seems that Europe, nature is seen as something that must be controlled or contained - thought I'm sure that could be said about many societies. But definitely a foreign concept to the Inuit.

Well, I know it is mid-afternoon back home but I must soon retire for the night. I think that jet lag is finally starting to kick in.