Monday, June 11, 2007


It seems the weather has been changing almost by the minute the past few days. One minute its cloudy, then clear then foggy, then clear again. A staff member told me several years ago that there was even a thunderstorm here - a very rare and unusual event. I don't think we'll get any thunderstorms any time soon though. Quick changes of weather really aren't that unusual for this time of the year. I think I just become more weather-aware during the times when I will soon be hopping on a plane. A number of teachers are heading out this week for the summer, beginning tomorrow so all are hoping for good weather.

Our staff enjoyed one last potluck at the school tonight. It was time to reflect on the year - and also to say some fair-wells. As I had alluded to earlier, we are expecting a big turnover here in the fall. Some are moving to different Nunavut communities to be closer to family. Others are moving back south to start a family or to pursue further education. We've enjoyed pretty stable staffing since I've been here so I guess that through the law of averages we were due to have a big one eventually.

In August I will find myself in the unique position of being the only returning qallunaat on staff. It hasn't quite sunk in yet. I only found out about this this evening. I'm not sure what to make of just seems weird somehow. Its all good though. Next year will be different and unique and you learn to go with the flow.

Here are just a few pictures of the bay from my walk home tonight. It looks like the ice is breaking up but there is actually just a lot of water covering all the ice from the rain we had the past few days. Skidoos can still be seen zipping across the bay. They look more like jet skis than snowmobiles from a distance though.


c'est moi said...

Hey Darcy,

I just wanted to wish you well on your trip to the Czech Republic. I don't know; should I worry about you getting intoxicated on the music? LOL. You are in an excellent position to help out the new teachers, show the new administrator how you are able to help lead, and grow professionally. It'll be great for you. You can really help put a positive stamp on the new year. One recommendation, if you arrive ahead of the others, I always liked to host a getting to know my nieghbours gathering - potlucks are great for that sort of thing. Enlist the aid of the returning Inuit staff. I bet they'll help you, if you ask. It's never to early for a pot luck! You'll have to be strong for the team in October too; when the culture shock sets in for the new folks and the romantic illusions are washed away. Nothing like a cold beer and a hot supper to help someone who is struggling through the tough times. Anyway, have a great break. I'm looking forward to awesome pictures of statues, churches, fountains, squares, castles, choirs, et cetera upon your return to the blogging world.