Monday, June 18, 2007

Back South

Luck was with me. The plane got in to Nanisivik and I managed to get all the way to Ottawa on Saturday. This week will be busy with all my banking and shopping chores before I fly off to Brussels in 8 days. After my Europe trip I will be be in Ontario for only 3 days before flying back to Nunavut so I plan to start shopping today so I will have everything in order for when I depart North again.

I imagine my blog will be pretty quiet over the next weeks. I hope to do at least a couple posts while overseas if I manage to get hold of a computer. On the other hand, the whole point of this trip is for a vacation but at any rate, I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures up eventually after I return. (And I finally got that 2gb memory card I wanted yesterday. How I survived with my camera's original 16mb card for an entire year is beyond me.)

Adieu everyone. I'm off to a land of medieval castles, palaces and cathedrals.


Kara and Matt said...

Have a great trip! I am looking forward to seeing pictures when you return!