Thursday, June 14, 2007

All's Quiet on the Northern Front...other than the stereo

It's pretty tranquil here now that school is out for the summer. The bulk of the southern teachers left this morning. Just like last year I find myself glued to weather forecasts, hoping for good flying weather for my flight on Saturday. The weather has been in a constant state of flux the past couple days. We've had cloud, partly cloud, sun, part-sun, fog, flurries and rain - and that was just yesterday. Saturday calls for cloudy skies but if by cloudy they mean the cloud we had Tuesday when my neighbors flew out then I should be good to go.

With my neighbors now on their way back to Newfie, I have the opportunity to play with my stereo. I've been curious to see just how loud this baby will go and I now have no neighbors to disturb. I'm hesitant to crank it up all the way because I'm fearful of blowing out a speaker. But its still pretty exhilarating to have Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring booming out loud enough to make the floors vibrate.


c'est moi said...

Is rite of spring the work that got him booed out of the Paris Ballet House and very nearly caused a riot? It was his experiment with discordant sounds and inversing the tonality of "classical" music, wasn't it?

Way Way Up said...

Indeed. The 1913 premiere was scandalous to the Parisians. The elasticity of the rhythms and harsh brass sounds were quite a shock for the time. I love the anecdote about Stravinsky's Swiss neighbors complaining to his landlady that during his composition of the work, "Mr. Stravinsky plays only wrong notes."!