Saturday, May 05, 2007

Things Nunavut Taught Me (That University Didn't)

Over the past 4 years, I have learned many things I never learned during my student days in Windsor, Ontario....things practical and things that have made me a better person.

1. How to dress properly for -50C weather
2. A healthy respect for polar bears
3. How to change a spark plug
4. The value of the natural world
5. "Progress" isn't necessarily best
6. Canada has a unique Northern culture
7. How to safely fall off a snowmobile
8. Warmth is more important than fashion
9. How easy city life is
10. How to avoid large rocks when tobogganing down a hill
11. -30C is not cold; +10C can feel darn hot
12. "Traditional knowledge" is not synonymous with "out of date" knowledge
13. Your water tank has a cap on it for a very good reason
14. Tinfoil makes excellent curtains during the summer months
15. Experiencing new places surpasses just reading about them
16. Skidooing over rough ice is dumb
17. Inuit sports are much harder than they look
18. A new language
19. Nature has some mysteries I will never fully grasp
20. There's no other place I'd rather live and work


Jennifer said...

Ha! Great list! I would add things like
* it is sometimes acceptable to not bother taking off your mitts to take a moment to fish out a tissue to wipe your nose
*baseball can be played on any shape of diamond
*skating does not require ice - a frozen road will do
*many, many snow machine repairs can be held off with a little creative "jimmy rigging"
...Wow, I can go on and on. There is so much I've learn up here!

Kara and Matt said...

I would like to know more about the water tank cap! Sounds like there must be a good story behind that one.

Way Way Up said...

Ha! Thanks for the funny memories! I thought I had written a post about the "Great Water Tank Cap" episode but I did write a short article on it for a southern publication. I had taken the cap off the tank for some reason and one cold winter day when the tank was being filled up, the nozzle from the truck froze up and jammed leading to a the tank overflowing onto the laundry room floor. Thankfully I was home at the time and it was a small spill.

(Okay, the real reason I took the cap off was that we had gone a few days with the water truck showing up quite sporadically so one time (acting silly) during a fill up I had taken the cap off to watch the tank fill up and savour the smell of fresh water. Going without water for a few days makes a person do wierd things.)

Curtis Groom said...

Okay, Like others I have my 2 cents.
Coming home and smelling sewage is a good thing... as it means your tank was sucked out.
2. New release movies is a relative term, If you haven't seen them, they're new to you.
3. Same goes for music.
4 Ebay and Amazon create mail, That is a good thing.
5. The sound of a plane buzzing your house is always a good thing.

And finally, Avoiding traffic jams , government office line-ups and phone salesmen for a entire year... priceless.
Take Care

c'est moi said...

great list!

Anonymous said...

Wow, really belated comment here, but I'm just reading the archived posts... really curious to know, how DO you dress properly for -50? We are contemplating a visit to Nunavut this spring and have no idea where to start with clothing and gear for some decent time outdoors.