Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Super Soccer

Super Soccer is the Mecca for young soccer players in the North. What is Super Soccer? It is a huge multi-day tournament held in Yellowknife every spring since 1993. This year's tournament will be underway this week with a total of 120 teams, mostly from the Northwest Territories, participating. It is encouraging to see a few Nunavut teams participating. Iqaluit will be there as well as Rankin Inlet, Cambridge Bay, Baker Lake, Taloyoak, Arviat and Pangnirtung and a few others. Pangnirtung is sending a team which may be the same team our boys played against at Regionals last November. These tournaments are fantastic fun for players and do much for developing the sport here in the territory.

My big dream for next year is to send a 15-and-under boys to team to Super Soccer. I'm fairly certain this would be a first for our school. I e-mailed the tourney chair this afternoon with a few questions and got a pretty speedy response back which I took as a good first sign.

The biggest challenge for us will be fundraising. Flight costs alone are pretty insane. The tourney website advertises flights from Iqaluit for $699 so I cringe when I think of what the costs for getting to Yellowknife from here might be. Nevertheless, getting a team to Super Soccer is one of my major goals. In my mind, it is the next logical step for our boys' team after their big break-through at Regionals.

So I will be making my list of fundraising ideas to get us started. Readers of my humble blog can feel free to pass along any ideas they may have. All great ideas and dreams start out small and then grow from there. My dream is to take our boys' team to Yellowknife next May!


c'est moi said...

That's a great goal! Aside from the customary movie nights and bingos, pizza sales have been a huge money maker here. We don't have a restuarant or coffee shop in town. We also do 50/50's and prize draws. MP3's are light enough that they can be bought in from the south and brought north cheaply. PSP's are also a good draw. I did Oiler's jersey's last year in Alberta. Here Habs jerseys worked well. Also, the G-unit stuff is fairly popular. A jail and bail of elders from your town, conspired with your elders and constabulary, and pulled off with shock and awe, will raise big bucks as families compete to out do one another to free their beloved elders. I bet once the town gets over its initial outrage, you'll have a great laugh.