Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Seven Wonders of Canada

With the CBC holding a contest to determine "The Seven Wonders of Canada" I thought I'd take the plunge and put in my two cents. I just finished casting my votes and narrowing the short list of 52 down to a mere 7 was much more of a challenge than I thought. As with any such exercise, there will be disagreement over the final choices (the contest to determine Canada's greatest Canadian springs to mind here) but it will get Canadians talking and ruminating about the diverse spectacle which is Canada.

Like anyone else's choices, mine naturally reflect my own Southern Ontario and Northern biases and experiences. This is perhaps forgivable given our diversity, history and just how honking big our country is. I'm very confident in the majority of my choices making the final cut. How could anyone not vote for say the CN Tower, Niagara Falls or the Northern Lights? Anyhow, here are my selections in random order.

1. The CN Tower - a shoe in

2. Niagara Falls - another shoe in

3. Northern Lights - nature's reward for standing motionless in -40C

4. Northwest Passage - the search for and discovery of this opened up vast portions of the country

5. Rockies - millions of European tourists can't be wrong

6. Stanley Cup - Go Sens Go!

7. Vimy Ridge - a finer example of sheer bravery, determination and cooperation I can't think of

There were a few more I agonized over including in this august list including the canoe, Ice Roads, igloo, Old Quebec Ciy, Prairie Skies, and Trans-Canada Highway, all of which I have experienced. In the end though I tried to come up with a list which reflected a mix of physical, cultural and historical importance. Some may disagree, but these are my choices.

What say you Canada? What "7 Wonders" are you rooting for?


Bonnieupnorth said...

Darcy, like the new look and enjoy as per usual all your commentary but I suspect part of the northern experience is the fun you have doing your blog! Bonnie

Way Way Up said...

Guilty as charged :)