Saturday, May 19, 2007

Long Weekend

I watched a steady parade of skidoos and qamutiks heading out earlier in the day for the big fishing derby over this long weekend. Last year for the long weekend I made the big trip down to Ikpikittuarjuk for the derby. I didn't really do much fishing but it was definitely an experience of a lifetime. Three years ago for the long weekend I was somewhere between Qikiqtarjuaq and Kivitoo slowly going snow blind as I related in a post a few days back. This year I decided to be domestic and just kick around the house.

I made a few cosmetic changes to my blog and went for an afternoon stroll around town with my camera in tow.

There are two big bluffs behind us with the names of the community spelled out with large white rocks in English and Inuktitut. The English sign was still partially snow covered. Here we have the Inuktitut version in syllabics - Ikpiarjuk, Nunavut. (Ikpiarjuk means "pocket")

Here we have our school - Inuujaq Ilinniarvik

A random shot from the east side.

Looking out over Arctic Bay toward Adams Sound.