Thursday, April 12, 2007

Were These People Born Idiots or Did They Have to Work At It?

In a word PETA people. I caught a story off the CBC about how this group had requested that Iqaluit city council fly the flag at half-mast as a protest against the seal hunt. Needless to say that idea took off like a lead balloon.

Nonsense like this only serves to illustrate that groups like this are only interested in garnering media attention. (Visions of Paul McCartney posing on the sea ice with a baby seal in front of a myriad of cameras come to mind here). Ironically that seal likely died. Having picked up human scent off its young, the mother probably abandoned it.)

What irks me is really two things. First, groups like this always claim that they respect the rights of aboriginal groups to hunt for economic means and that they view the East Coast hunt and traditional Inuit hunts as two separate issues. Oh, if only it were so cut and dried. The simple truth is that any moratorium imposed on the East Coast hunt would affect Inuit as the resulting plummet in the price of sea skins would have a ripple effect on the Northern economy. Now, I'm no economist but even I can grasp this concept. Protesters alla Brigitte Bardot had a devastating effect on Inuit pocket books.

My other beef as mentioned earlier is that they only really want media attention. Don't believe me? Anti-sealing websites give out pointers on how to launch a successful protest which suggest choosing locations which have the most television cameras. (I'm itching to name this site but I'm not keen on having a pile of granola-crunchers inundate my humble blog.) As a result, they never come to small communities where the effects of their activities are felt the most. I guess it is easier to bark in front of a camera than to sit down face to face with a northern hunter who is trying to make a livelihood.

100 million sharks are killed worldwide very year and you don't hear a word from these idiots. I love how the left-wing of the spectrum tends to contradict itself over this whole issue (animals rights vs. the rights of minority groups) but that is a whole other issue I'll leave be for now.

In my mind, one of my grade 10 students summed it up best when I was discussing this issue in a class a couple weeks back: What right do they have to tell us what we should hunt and kill for food? We don't protest and tell them they shouldn't eat whatever the hell THEY eat.