Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech

After Columbine it was supposed to be different. After Columbine, things were supposed to change. Sadly, history has repeated itself. Predictably, news outlets everywhere are eating up this latest tragedy at Virginia Tech. I flip back and forth between CBS and FOX and see images of people running in panic, a time line of events spelling out ad finitum.

Now, I like to see myself basically as an optimist but really, it is difficult to glimpse any modicum of a silver lining here. How sad that the human species which has accomplished so much cannot overcome its propensity to inflict harm on, and destroy, itself. The media tries to offer by solace suggesting that such events will unite and draw people together. How sad and pathetic really that such events have to occur in order for this to happen. People shouldn't need a tragedy in order to unite with their fellow human beings.

The blame game will start - guns, gun-law legislation, police authorities, the school. More guns will not fix the problem. (There are already millions of fire arms in society.) Stricter gun control will not fix the problem. (If a person is truly determined to inflict harm then, sadly, they will find a way).

What is truly needed is a collective look inward, to respect one another, to do good, to build a society in which people are valued, a society which is not fixated on violence (games, music, bullying and the idea that might is right).

A news channel promos tomorrow's morning show with the words "As this tragic story continues to unfold.....". Unfortunately, it will continue to unfold, and if society fails to make fundamental changes, it is a tragic story that will be destined to repeat itself.


Kara and Matt said...

This morning I was laying in bed listening to the CBC radio news and I was happy to hear them say that they would not be broadcasting any of the recordings that the shooter sent to the media. They were concerned about copycat incidents to take place. It was a nice change from watching the American networks lately.