Saturday, April 21, 2007

That's Some Mighty Thick Ice

I didn't see it arrive. It almost seemed like God Himself had plunked this church down on the ice. Actually, it arrived via front-end loader. This is the old Anglican Church from Nanisivik. One of my young soccer charges told me it arrived after a 5-day haul from the former mine site down the road. According to a staff member from school, the building will get a second life and be used by the Ladies' Auxiliary here in Arctic Bay.

When the mine shut down, there was speculation that the buildings and other infrastructure there could salvaged for use here. Sadly, many of the houses there were deemed unfit to be used - too much contamination of some sort from the mine. This was an unfortunate twist as many of those structures, in the process of being dismantled could have helped alleviate the housing crunch. At any rate, I recognized this church from my last trip (actually my first trip) to Nanisivik back when I first arrived in July of 2005. Its in rough shape but its good to know it won't be bulldozed like many of the other buildings.

The church's arrival attracted a small crowd.

As you can see from this shot, the building is raised up off the ground (actually the sea ice) by some large metal beams underneath. It was up high enough for the kids to go crawling around underneath it at any rate.

As a side note, these pictures were all taken around 10:30pm this evening. The light comes back fast above the Arctic Circle.


c'est moi said...

Our town recently built a new Anglican church. The old church has taken on a second life as a fitness centre. It bears a striking resemblance to your community's building. They must have had a deal on that yellow paint.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see hte church make it to Arctic Bay, my father built the church. I don't remember what year it was though. There was no church in Nanisivik for a very long time.The school was also named after my father Allurut and from what I was told the hamlet will have the Allurut School sign up at the heritage building. He was in the school committee for I beleive 10 years before he passed away in 1986. It is sad to see the place where I grew up disappering slowly but very happy to see the church make it to Arctic Bay.
Good old memories.


Nancy said...

Great pictures! Beautiful lighting. I remember doing a double take last summer every time I saw a coast guard ship out there in the bay, so seeing a church pull into town must be very cool indeed. The breakwater ice pic is good too.