Sunday, April 29, 2007


I began a post a couple days back with the words "It looks like I'll be heading off for a few days to Arviat." rather than "I will most certainly be heading to Arviat in 2 days time." I must be learning the drill by now. Such are the uncertainties of traveling in the North.

Turns out I did not make it out as scheduled. I had been unaware that the taxi here in town had been sold. I did manage to track down the new number but could not get hold of anyone Friday night. When I did manage to get hold of someone yesterday morning, it was a small child who of course could offer little assistance. I figured calling for a taxi 3 hours before flight time would be sufficient advance notice - not so. As it is a weekend, getting hold of any higher-ups in the bureaucratic food chain will have to wait until the start of the week.

So my weekend plans have turned into a bit of a mess. Truth be told though, it was a last minute decision to decide to send me to Arviat and I was only given a couple days to get set for things. There were forms for me to fill off and fax off, people I had to get hold of and of course, planning out for a substitute for the time I would be away.

Part of me is a little disappointed but I am also a bit relieved. I was a little apprehensive of heading off for a week with final exams just around the corner. (At least now, I am all planned out for my classes for the next few days.) I would have been traveling for 5 days - for a conference lasting only 3 days. I'm not all that fond of Iqaluit and spending 3 nights there on my trip back, to me, would have been a big waste. At any rate, I will try to get hold of someone Monday morning to find out what is going on. I'm sure if "they" really want me to know what I missed, they can simply send me a fax.