Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring Moon

I miss the big windows I had from my last house overlooking the bay. I got used to just walking through my old living room and having the views jump out. This year I have to keep my eyes peeled. I have to take a stroll down the road to get good pictures without houses and telephone wires in the way. I lucked out tonight though. The moon was even more splendid that the picture shows and the short stroll down the road was refreshing. -28C may sound chilly to most of my readers but I don't mind it a bit.

Here we have a full moon shining to the southeast just after 9pm. We are rapidly gaining in daylight. In about 5 more weeks the sun won't set at all.


J Consortium said...

Thank you for defending my blog post. :) It was weird to be insulted about insulting a child, since I do volunteer work with kids twice a week.

But yes, thanks! I appreciated it.