Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Meal, A Rug and a Reminder

Gorgeous sunny weather here today! I took a walk "downtown" late this afternoon to visit my planned substitute for tomorrow so she would know she didn't have to come into the school in the morning. As a bonus, I got a nice home-cooked meal out of it. A few kids I bumped into were pleased that they won't be missing a pile of soccer practices while I had planned to be away. I'm happy too. I've always maintained that kids come first - not meetings, bureaucracy and other minutiae that fight to take up my time during the day.

I've taken my fair share of pictures of polar bear rugs, but I'm not sure I've ever posted one on my blog. I can just picture myself watching a playoff game (go Vancouver!), as I am doing at the moment, while lying on something like this.