Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Moving On Down?

Its been a pretty quiet week so far. I've been noticing a lot more loaded qamutiqs hitched to skidoos heading off across the bay, especially now with the milder temps and bright sunny days.

The only blog worthy thing at the moment is that I've started considering a possible grade change for next year. Nothing official yet though I have drafted a letter to my principal as a heads up. I have the letter tucked away in a safe place for now. The notion of teaching the grade 9 class here has been percolating in my brain for the past few days. Not only would this be a very strong group academically but as an added bonus, I've coached almost the entire class with soccer the past couple years and I have a great rapport with them. As an added bonus, if I were to make the switch then come tournament time in November the principal wouldn't have to worry much about tracking down a substitute as I'd pretty much be taking the entire class with me.

Of course with the coming turnover in the high school end, I feel it is also important that I stay involved with it to some extent for continuity sake. Ah, decisions, decisions. At any rate, it is a relief not to have to worry about packing, moving, interviews and all that sort of thing. I am becoming a bit of a pack rat I have to admit and I'm not keen going through the hassle and headache to packing up all my junk. (Don't ask why but I have every single pay stub I've ever had during 4 years in Nunavut sitting in a kitchen drawer. White coats are coming!)

At any rate, I can close off here by saying I'm perfectly happy to be here in whatever position the education gods decide to place me.