Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Buyer's Market

One of the benefits of a staff turnover is that though people will be leaving, some of their larger belongings will not be. Rather than pack and move everything, many people leaving the North opt instead for a big end-of-the-school-year "yard sale". So I am hoping to get some good bargains. In the past I've been able to pick up a TV, VCR, enough paper towel to wrap up an iceberg, and of course some food.

My neighbors, Stephen and Stephanie, colleagues at the school, are heading back to Newfie in June so I have my eye on some shelves and possibly a small freezer of theirs. Looks like I'll also be able to pick up one more item I usually neglect to buy and only remember I should buy during those few times when I need to use it --

Me - "Are you selling your shovel or were you guys planning to take it with you?"
Stephen - "You mean the one you're always borrowing to shovel your deck?"
Me - "Yup. That would be the one."
Stephen - "$20?"
Me - "Deal."


J Consortium said...

Out of curiosity, why do most teachers leave? Do they not enjoy it as much as they thought or do they only want to do one year as an adventure? Or something else? I always wonder because the teachers are no different here.


towniebastard said...

The big sales confuse me a touch. I understand not wanting to drag back stuff like food, paper towels, etc. But people often sell off funiture, TVs and whatnot and dirt cheap prices. Stuff you could quite clearly use back south and not cheaply replaced. Since in many cases the GN offers to pay for a percentage, if not all, of relocation expenses depending on your time up north I always wondered why not take more of it with you.

I guess some of it is an excuse to get new stuff when you go home. When/if we head back, I've argued that clearly we can sell the TV set since I will need a much bigger and cool one. This has prompted the household....;)

Way Way Up said...

I can definitely relate to the whole tv thing. This is the first year I've bought a new tv (here in town for a razy price) rather than picking one up secondhand. I'm not a huge tv watcher but it matches the sound system and it sure is nice having a brand-spanking new one!