Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Bigger Picture

Now that I have Google Earth installed on my new laptop and have figured out how to save a few pictures, I thought I'd throw up a few shots. It took me several minutes of playing around so I figured after all the effort, I might was well do something productive with my ever-expanding technology skills.

Arctic Bay and surroundings.

"Downtown". The large building in the middle of the picture is Inuujaq School. The high school wing is the section of the building with the greyish roof.

Welcome to my neighborhood. The 4-plex I live in is the structure with the dark rectangular shaped roof in the middle of the picture. The road that hooks sharply to the right leads down a steep hill from which I've taken some great scenic shots of the bay and King George V Mountain.

Here is a wider view of town on the shore of the bay. This shot is rotated so that I could fit the entire bay in the shot. "Up" is east. The jagged finger of rock to the right is Holy Cross Point and if you look a little above (the the left of that funny-looking circle) the airport. This has served as the alternate landing strip to the Nanisivik Airport and is currently being upgraded. In about 3 years it will serve as Arctic Bay's main airport.