Thursday, March 29, 2007

A View From the Inside

It occurred to me today that I haven't really posted many pictures from the inside of our school. Mostly I guess this is because I work here everyday so I never gave it much thought. Also, the school tends to be full of, well, people.

I've made it my own little rule not to post pictures of students on my blog. Staff members perhaps or maybe my own mug on occasion, but in many ways Nunavut is a small place where everyone knows everyone else so student pictures are strictly verboten.

At any rate, I did manage a few quick shots from around the school before I had to set up for parent-teacher interviews. Just a few quickies.

Here is our display area for student work in the school foyer....a lot of work celebrating Inuktitut. It is encouraging to see it displayed prominently in our school.

The main part of our school consists of one long hall way....possibly the longest corridor north of the Arctic Circle. This is just outside the junior high classrooms. If you trek to the end and then hook a right you enter the primary end of the school.

Here is our high school wing - 4 classrooms. If you turn right from here, walk a few feet and hook to the right again, you find yourself back in the main hall in the picture above. Our high school Social Studies and Northern Studies classroom is just past the drinking fountain tucked behind the display case.

I hope to get up a few more pictures of the school in the near future. Picture taking is much easier now that the weather is milder (-20 to -25C) and now that we have considerably more daylight. The sun is up for about 13.5 hours and growing this time of year.