Saturday, March 03, 2007

Stange Things Are Afoot

Envionment Canada has issued a weather warning for Arctic Bay for tonight. Usually these are not very common for this community. I can't actually recall seeing a weather warning posted for Arctic Bay in the time I've been here. But there it is. Extreme windchills tonight will (if the weather gods are accurate) produce windchills of -56C. Fortunately I don't need to be out and about today. My soccer practice is on hold due to a table sale at the school gym. At any rate, if I do venture outside, I know I won't be accosted by any crazed, naked, anti-seal protesters.

In another odd news tidbit, an aunt of mine in Switzerland e-mailed a news story about the misadventures of a Swiss army unit out on a military exercise Thursday night. I'll be sure to mention this story in my grade 10 socials class since we are currently discussing sovereignty issues. Apparently, the 170-man unit got lost in the dark and wandered into neighbouring Liechtenstein. Fortunately for neutral Liechtenstein, the equally neutral Swiss soon realized their mistake and turned back. The Swiss were even carrying assault rifles (sans ammunition - sort of like our military here during the Liberal regime) but apparently the Liechtensteiners(?) who lack a standing army never noticed the wayward Swiss traipsing around there fair country.


Janine said...

Those chilly pit in days are good for curling on the couch and reading!

Kathryn said...

Are crazed, naked anti-seal protesters a problem there?

Way Way Up said...

Fortunately not. They wouldn't get the media coverage here which we all know is what they really want. I'd love to be able to offer my sealskin mitts to one just to see the reaction though!