Monday, March 19, 2007

One Year

Hurray! Way Way Up turns one year old today. Yes, today marks the one year anniversary of my blog. I never really thought it would grow the way it has. A year ago I was house-sitting and looking for something to do. A few people back home had mentioned on occasion that I should write a book about my experiences in the North. Perhaps this is something I may explore further during my retirement years. At the time though, a blog looked like a reasonable alternative. And so it began.

I put a stat counter on my blog just to see where any traffic was coming from. I had played around with a stat counter a few months back but now I've found one I like. It's quite humbling to know that people visit and, judging from the comments I get, find it worthwhile to read. I've had visitors from not just Canada, but also the U.S., Norway, China, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

With my blog, I've been able to keep in touch with friends and family back home and I've learned a lot about this land and about myself as well. I've had people contact me through private e-mail, considering moving here and asking for information. I've even been fortunate enough to have an article published in a magazine after the editor came across my blog on-line. Pretty neat stuff indeed.

I have intentions of sticking around in the arctic for the foreseeable future, so I look forward to adding to my little blog and watching it grow. Perhaps in the next year, I will be able to get my first pictures of a polar bear to post (something I have yet to do) and there are also a few places of historical interest I would like to see so that I can write about them.

I've had 154 posts, about one every 2 to 3 days and received many helpful comments and other information through this little project of mine. I've found that blogging has helped me in both my professional and personal growth. So looking back, that's not too bad seeing as I only decided to start this journey because I was a little bored one evening.



Clare said...

Happy Blogiversary Darcy. Good on ya.

c'est moi said...

Congrat and well done! I know I like popping around to see what you are up to professionally and personally. It is neat having another professional out of Ontario perspective of another northern region. So many similarities and so many differences.

Nancy said...

Happy anniversary! I don't comment that often but I read all the time, love your blog, especially the photos. Take some more soon!