Thursday, March 22, 2007

Afternoon Stroll Around Town

Our school is closed a second time, this time for the rest of the week because of a flu bug that doesn't seem to want to go away. Sickness has felled students and quite a number of staff members as well. Fortunately, it has passed me over.

On the positive side, the weather here has gotten milder so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get out for a good walk without having to wear any snow pants for once. I had wanted to post a few pictures of some of the buildings we have in town to give people an idea of what things look like. This idea got stuck on the back burner for a bit but here you have it.

Here we have our Co-op store, one of two stores in town. If you look between the two sea cans sitting in front, you can see it sits on metal pilings.

The new hotel built last fall.

Our 2-member RCMP detachment. This is a fairly new structure. The detachment used to be located over in Nanisivik before the mine there closed in 2002.

Our Northern store. The syllabics read "Niuvirvik" - a place where you go buy things.

This odd-shaped building is our health centre. It's always reminded me of an upside down boat.

The local Anglican Church with the Health Centre in the background.

Inuujaq School where I teach. The school runs from Kindergarten right up to grade 12 and has around 240 students.

Before a house is built, it looks like this. These boxes arrived on the sea lift last August and contain everything needed for a new 5-plex which will be built on the road behind my unit.

Like many other Canadian towns, we have an arena too!

Boats waiting for the ice to thaw - in another 3 months or so.

Our local Arctic College building.


Bonnieupnorth said...

hi Darcy, Good to see the familiar buildings, did you get my other comment on the previous post on those teacher's articles. I hope I am doing this correctly

Clare said...

What? No picture of the B&B? Kidding. Just so you know, the RCMP building opened in November of 2000. Our office in Arctic Bay before then, called a patrol cabin, is now across the way on the shoreline. It is the former weather station here, built in 1941 and it is currently the oldest building still standing in Arctic Bay.

joanasie akumalik said...

"Niuvirvik" is not "a place where there is food". Instead Niuvirvik is a place where you go buy things......

Niqitalik is a place where there is food. Food is "niqi".

Way Way Up said...

Thank you for the kind correction, Joanasie. I went back and fixed the error.

Nancy said...

When I was in Arctic Bay the agency nurse I was taking over for called the Health Centre "the Breadbox", so that's what I see! When I was a kid everyone had one of those rounded garage-doored breadboxes, there is a definite resemblence! The building has such cool exterior architecture, it's a shame the inside layout is so bland.

Way Way Up said...

I hadn't heard of the breadbox comparison, but having grown up with one of those contraptions in the kitchen, I can definitely see it.