Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lost In Translation

I've had it in mind for some time now to head off this summer on a trip to Europe. I've been pouring over travel books and websites for quite sometime. Plans to head across the pond last year were put on hold due to a move and a job change that didn't pan out. At any rate, I've decided its high time to go.

It took me quite some time to figure out exactly where I would head, though I now have it more or less nailed down - the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. WIth this in mind, I jumped on-line yesterday to see what was cooking in Prague this summer. I'd love to see some classical concerts this summer along with all the stunning Baroque architecture.

Anyhow, one festival happening in Prague is the SPERM Festival. SPERM Festival?! Something must have gotten lost in the translation. My grasp of Czech isn't all that good. From what I could make out its some sort of contemporary music festival. Looks like I'll miss it since its happening during February. I'm sure there's a good joke in there about that name somewhere but my brain is a bit dulled from the overcast weather we've had the past few days. This is probably a good thing though since I know Mom is reads my blog.


c'est moi said...

Hmmm...the Austro-Hungarian Empire, classical music, I detect a NOTE of motive in European vacation?