Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I"m Still Here...Promise

For those of you wondering what I've been up to lately I can tell you I am still alive and kicking. I haven't been eaten by a bear or gone off and gotten lost somewhere in the broad expanse of tundra. Though with the increasing daylight I have been spending more time outside.

My poor laptop is pretty much shot which explains my woeful lack of blog activity. I accidentally dropped the thing a few days back. Apparently this laptop isn't like that one in those commercials I've seen. It obviously didn't "sense the drop." Luckily I have a new one on order. It will just take awhile to arrive. I've got to thinking that now I have the perfect excuse to get one of those new MacBook Pros. (hopefully later on this summer when I head South. And then we can all be afraid. Very much afraid.


towniebastard said...

Teachers in Iqaluit are getting the heads up that if they want a new computer that the Department/Government is about to do a big bulk order of them. The theory being the more computers ordered, the bigger the discount. We're (me and my wife, who is actually the teacher) seeing how big the discount is because we're contemplating one of those nice MacBook Pro's as well.

I mention this because perhaps there might be something similar going on up your way? You should check into it.

Clare said...

I can certainly relate to you computer woes Darcy as we have had more than our share lately, including a drop for Leah's lap top. That turned out to be a surprisingly quick and easy fix. Envious of a new MacBook Pro, wish I was getting one