Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I managed this little doozy of a picture a few days ago during a particularly frigid night. I spent several minutes transfixed by my thermometer as the number went down, down, down. Not the coldest I've seen by any stretch but it does make me thankful for my big winter parka. Actually, at the moment, its merely -33. It's kind of a game among some Northerners I've bumped into to compare the coldest temperatures that you've experienced. I'm sure that to the Inuit, this all sounds pretty silly. But still I like to compare my numbers just for the heck of it.

On a completely different topic, the boys culture teacher at our school (that would be a shop teacher in the South) is putting the finishing touches on a qamutik. I'm looking forward to raffling it off to raise money for our school soccer teams. I'm hoping to be able to have a 16-and-under boys team for next year in addition to our 14-and-under girls and boys teams which will mean having to buy a 3rd set of uniforms.

On another positive note, according the weather website I check to get my daily weather fix, the sun actually rose here today - for 30 grand minutes (12:39pm to 1:09pm). In a few more days we will actually be able to see the great orb in town here once it gets high enough to clear to mountains to the south of us.


Kara and Matt said...

Well we are already at 5 and a half hours of sunlight! But you will surpass us quickly!

I love comparing temperatures as well. Last year I saw my coldest day at -73C with the windchill. I think the real temperature was around -55C. And you know, nothing shut down for it! I love the north- cold weather doesn't shut us down at all. Now a herd of caribou close to town... that is a different story!

Way Way Up said...

Lol....I've heard stories of Kugluktuk's airport being a popular hang-out spot for caribou.

Bonnie said...

Hi. My call today was to say that I discovered someone else here in AB blogging and was delighted via Clare to find out there was such an abundance of bloggers in Nunavut. Just reading the above comments can concur because Kuglutuk is where I have spent 4 Christmases. As cannot download photos from the office, I borrowed two of yours and acknowledged sources so I hope this was okay!

Take care, Bonnie

Way Way Up said...

No problem.

J Consortium said...

Ouch! It has only been that cold here one or two days (without the windchill). Thankfully it was short-lived. :D


P.S. We have the same themometre, except mine says Radio Shack where yours says Nexttech or whatever it is. :)

martha.zacharias@gmail.com said...

-38 is winter prairie weather too. Does it get colder?