Monday, January 08, 2007

Back To School With A Sign

My class was abuzz with high school students registering for their new morning courses for second semester (our afternoon courses run full year). It was well past my time for the other high school teachers and myself to use my classroom for registration. Tomorrow we're back to regular classes. We started out this year offering 6 high school periods a day rather than 4. I really like this new schedule since it gives us maximum flexibility with course offerings, always a challenge with such a small high school wing. It also allows for smaller classes sizes which is always a big plus with predominantly ESL students.

I hope we can keep this same scheduling format for next year since we have gotten some good feedback from students and parents. I also hope to be able to offer a grade 10 advanced level social studies course next fall. There are a couple students interested and I have never taught this course before so I would love to see them take it, especially since this will open up the future option of university for them if they choose.

Perhaps I can attribute my relaxing first day back to the strange sight in the sky this morning. A number of staff rushed to the windows this morning to see what appeared to be a comet low on the southern horizon. Either that or it was a piece of space junk returning to earth or passing low through the atmosphere. It did have a small tail to it so who knows. At any rate, it lingered for several minutes before disappearing so, like the ancients, I will take this as a sign of good luck.

I'm glad at least this mystery object wasn't a plane since I was expected a number of parcels I had mailed up to myself last week from Ontario. After forking over $427 and change to Canada Post to get them here I wasn't keen on seeing them explode in the distance.

Hats off to Canada Post and First Air though. My parcels actually arrived today after only 6 days. Not too shabby considering the distance involved.


jennifer said...

Yes, that is a comet. It is comet McNaught. It is due to be at it's brightest this saturday.
We are lucky up here that we can see it, since it apparently is harder to see at night and we don't have a lot of daylight.

Our whole school went nuts yesterday, trying to get a look at it.