Friday, December 15, 2006


Things are now in winding down mode. I had my first exam today (or rather my students did) for my grade 11 socials course and I was quite pleased with the results. The school gym will be set up over the weekend for the yearly Christmas games and dances over the break. As for myself, I plan to fly back to my parents' in Ontario (weather permitting of course).

Our staff, along with DEA members and some community elders, held a potluck dinner at the school this evening. It was a good opportunity to unwind, eat a good meal and not have to "talk shop". Even though we are a small community I find that with my schedule I can sometimes go a few days and manage not to bump into staff members during the course of my day. This is particularly true with our primary teachers. Our school is basically one long, winding corridor and, being a high school teacher, my class is at the far end of the school from the younger grades. In addition to some good banter, I also discovered couscous, which I had heard of but never tried and I discovered I liked it.

To finish off the evening, we held a gift exchange. Every year the staff has a "Secret Santa" gift exchange. I was given 3 guesses to figure out who had drawn my name and like last year, I failed miserably. I was quite thrilled though with a gift of traditional sealskin mitts (pualuuk). They were given to me by our Kindergarten teacher and I took a bit of good-natured ribbing about how they were the perfect gift for me because I'm single and can't sew to save my life and need to stay warm over a long, cold winter.

Anyhow, I must say I was very happy to have them. They fit perfectly and were greatly appreciated during the walk home. Pualuuk are infinitely better than anything I've ever purchased in any store - even places that specialize in cold weather gear. The forecasted high for Sunday is around -36C so what a opportune time to test them out.

Qujannamiik Abby! The mitts are awesome!


Janine said...

Stumbled across your page by chance. Love it as it brings back many memories of when I worked in Northern Sask as a nurse. I wish I was blogging them to chronicle the adventure. Keep it up and have a very Merry Christmas!