Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Genius Move (of the year)

I had planned to write up a great post on how I had survived the past 3 and a half days with no water, carefully rationing out the 6 liters I had saved up in the fridge for emergency situations....stoically going without a shower. Alas, it turns out the ordeal was completely of my own making.

I ran out of water Wednesday morning (thankfully right at the end of my morning shower!) I couldn't get any water out of the taps in my sink which told me that my sewage tank was also full. I had to wait until after I got home from work Wednesday (after soccer practice) to call for a sewage truck so that my water would start running again.

When I didn't see the sewage truck show up Wednesday I figured I would be okay going without a shower the next morning (its happened to me before). I simply called for a sewage truck when I got to the school. When I got home that evening and still no water I began to get a little nervous. I called for a truck again that evening and again in the morning.

Friday came and still I was getting no water. Now I began to sweat things out a bit as laundry and dishes were starting to pile up. I called again yesterday and nervously paced the house waiting. Normally, I haven't had to wait this long so I assumed that possibly there was a problem with the trucks. The temperature has been steadily dipping here which can be murder on engine parts.

Anyhow, I was digging around in my back room yesterday looking for a Mozart CD when I thought I heard a truck close to the house. At first I just ignored it as I had had several false alarms. However after a couple minutes I heard the water going in my tub. What in the $%#@! That was wierd.

It only took me a few seconds for me to realize that I had forgot to turn off the taps in the tub Wednesday morning so when I was at work the sewage truck came and pumped me out which of course caused the water to start flowing again....into the tub and down the drain, filling up the sewage tank so that when I would get home the tank would be full again. I cringe at how much water was used up in this manner the past 3 days. I believe the water tank holds 250 gallons if I'm not mistaken so if the sewage truck did show up each time I called for it....that's.....oops.

At any rate, I had a good chuckle over it and a good shower afterwards. And I double checked to make sure the taps really were off a couple times before heading to bed last night.


Janine said...

Ahh - gotta love those self made water crisis.

Nancy said...

That's FUNNY! At least the sewage truck got a good rinse!

Clare said...

If it makes you feel any better you aren't the only one who has done that. I remember Adam Marshall telling us he'd been out of water for a whole week for the same thing.

At least the plug wasn't closed on the tub...

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you got the water back in time for your birthday. Happy Birthday!! Hope you enjoy the day!!