Friday, December 29, 2006

Give Me Some Snow!

I find myself at the moment in southern Ontario hoping for snow - any snow. I appreciate the extra daylight but really wish we had snow here at the moment. I would dearly love to borrow the neighbour's skidoos and go for a spin. It seems odd to see two nice looking snowmobiles up on a trailer in a driveway surrounding by nothing but dead brown grass in late December.

My flight home was pretty uneventful other than arriving late into Ottawa so that I missed my train to Belleville. So I ended up spending an unscheduled night in our nation's capital. No worries though. I'm sure if this would have happened to me 3-4 years ago I would have been all stressed out about it. Now, I just accept it as a matter of course. My flight landed in Pond Inlet on the way to Iqaluit so I got to see a bit of that community, if only from the airport. I didn't really see that much with the pitch black but it is a treat to travel to communities other than Iqaluit if only for a stop-over.

I've had an enjoyable week relaxing with family, shopping and trying not to laugh at my fellow Ontarians as they bundle up and try not to freeze with the cold weather here. -10C passes for cold weather in Ontario at the moment. Pfft.......wimps!


Anonymous said...

We did finally get snow in Ottawa few days ago, it finally feels like Christmas but not cold. We've been living in Otawa for 2 years from Arctic Bay then Iqaluit and my 15 year old son still doesnt wear jacket when he goes out because he doesnt find it cold. But in Iqaluit it was -51 with windchills my sister almost got a frost bit from walking to her car from her house now that is cold :)

Happy New Year