Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finishing Up

Today was our last school day before Christmas break. I spent the morning tidying up the classroom, doing a bit of reading for my grade 11 course and meeting with students about exam results and final marks. ( I actually had a grade 10 student, a very bright girl, almost ace her exam. It looked like she second-guessed herself a few times but even so I have to say I was very impressed with the resulting score.)

We had our Christmas concert last night which went over quite well. The grade 9's recruited me to prove a few sound effects on my trumpet during their performance - Super Sammu Saves Christmas. My playing notwithstanding (I haven't picked up my horn in months), their performance was definitely the audience favorite.

I also got the good news today that we have a 6th graduate. He had been waiting for transcripts with his departmental exam mark from a course he had taken from me back in the spring. For whatever reason, the results were very slow in coming back. However, he nailed the course and has been accepted into the IT program at Nunavut Arctic College in Iqaluit this coming January. I felt bad for him that he had to wait so god-awful long but needless to say I couldn't be happier for him now.

Our mean Santa, was into the school this afternoon to hand out Christmas presents to the students (gift certificates for high school students) and it was a treat to see all the smiling little faces. Then it was time for goodbyes and well wishes. A nice way to finish off the first half of our school year.

My flight looks good for leaving on Friday so I will be down in a milder-than-normal Ontario for a couple weeks. Barring any last posts until then, my blog will be quiet for a couple weeks. Taima.

Quviasukgitti Quviasukvingmi!


J Consortium said...

I'm jealous of that student, I want to take that program! :P

c'est moi said...

Happy Holiday's Up! Maybe I will run into you at one of the airports, as I am flying out tomorrow too. Maybe, we'll even be on the same First Air flight. I'll recognize you by the classical music coming off your, what, ipod or CD player, and the soccer jersey you'll be sporting under your Canada Goose ;-)Have a good one. See you in the New Year.

Curt, Melissa & Christopher said...

Take Care and enjoy that which you treasure. Safe Travels and joyeous wishes.