Monday, December 18, 2006


Well, another year older, another year wiser (yesterday's post not-withstanding of course). What better way to mark your 32nd birthday than with a blizzard? Well, not really a full blizzard. The winds were up to maybe 20km/h but it was enough to create a lot of blowing snow and produce a windchill around -45C. Not exactly blizzard conditions, and I've seen much worse, but certainly the closest I've seen to a blizzard in the time I've been here in Arctic Bay.

At any rate, it was enough to close the school for the afternoon. Hopefully things calm down so we can get the rest of the high school exams finished up, not to mention the school Christmas concert.

So it was a quiet day at home, though I'm already looking forward to the new semester. My afternoons are year-long courses and my mornings are semesterized so in terms of my teaching schedule, there won't be any drastic changes in January. Thankfully, new high school social studies courses are being phased in starting next year (or at least that's what they say). I know I couldn't keep teaching the same courses for 20 years.

I did traipse down to the store just to prove to myself that I can still handle arctic weather. We had a pretty mild fall and I find myself spending more time indoors this time of year than I would like. It is now pretty much dark all the time so I sometimes feel as if I'm working one loooong night shift. I don't really mind it too much. It helps if you can keep busy so you don't think about it.

Southern readers may find this funny but I did manage to overdress for the -45C weather outside. Mom would want me to wear a scarf in this weather and I did but I found on my return trip from the store that I actually needed that strong wind to help me cool down.


Janine said...

Happy 32nd!

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Anonymous said...

We finally did get snow today (Ottawa) but looks like it will not stay long but Aapak is enjoying the weathere here before heading back to Arctic Bay.