Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Soccer and Politics

Our soccer teams are pretty much set to barring any last minute glitches. I was over to the school this evening to put the cadet sleeping bags we will be borrowing into my classroom. Our ride out to the airport is all arranged now and we will be leaving the school at 7:15am Thursday......bright and early - dark and early actually.

I will be keeping my eye on the sky and watching the weather forecasts with religious fervour for the next couple days. So far it's looking okay. Our one coach and a couple players that had to leave on this morning's flight got out okay so now as long as Thursday's weather cooperates we'll be on our way.

The other competition I'm keeping tabs on tonight are the mid-term elections south of the border. I really shouldn't care as much as I do. Afterall it IS American politics. But when you think about, tonight's results will have an impact on the global community whether we like to admit it or not. Personally, I'm hoping for a Democratic sweep, though a work colleague told me this morning he predicts a Republican Senate and a Democratic House. I checked up on the results so far just before sitting down to do this post and it seems his prediction may come to pass. But it's still early.

I'm curious to see how FOX News (aka Republican Propaganda Channel) will spin the results should it end up being a Democratic sweep. Republicans kind of remind me of the netting on the boys' old soccer nets at the school - tired, old, full of holes and badly in need of being replaced.