Tuesday, November 21, 2006


After a hectic afternoon yesterday with my grade 9 class, I consoled myself in the knowledge that its quite rare for me to have two crazy days in a row. I was confident heading into work this morning that today would be much more relaxed. Turns out it was even more relaxed than I could have imagined.

We ended up not having classes today and closing the school because the building was simply too cold to have classes. My room was only 12C but the prize goes to our high school English teacher, whose room rang in at a nippy 10C. Classes for high school students were put on hold until after lunch but then word came that classrooms in the primary end were also having heating problems so by 10am, word came down from on high that since it would likely take a full day for the building to warm up, all classes were cancelled for the day.

Inuujaq School is easily the largest structure in the community. It is mostly of wooden construction which doesn't strike me as being very energy efficient. You would think the powers that be would look into this as I cringe at the thought of how much it costs to heat the school over the course of the year. At any rate, I finished up a bit of work and am now back in my nice warm, more energy-efficient house.

On a brighter note, our boys' basketball team returned from their weekend tournament in Iqaluit with bronze medals. All in all not a bad showing considering Iqaluit, always a powerhouse in sports up here, had two teams in this tournament. The boys actually crushed the one Iqaluit team by a fairly large margin. So hats off to Harry and the boys for a splendid effort!


c'est moi said...

Sometimes, living in the north is just sweet. I'm hoping that the winds whipping up outside my place tonight turn into a blizzard and shut us down tomorrow!