Friday, November 24, 2006


.....okay, not really. It was all part of a fundraising effort on the part of our school's girls volleyball team. A popular way to raise money is to hold something called a "Jail-and-Bail". Basically, you enlist the help of the RCMP and go around the community "arresting" people. If you manage to come up with $10 or $20 toward whatever is being fund raised for (in this case, new uniforms), you are off the hook. If you are like me and carry little cash on you, it means you get a nice little ride in the back of the RCMP truck down to the detachment where you are "sentenced" to a little time in one of the two cells.

In my case, I was picked up for "being too loud" (students tell me I have a loud voice in class at times, just the way I talk I suppose, though outside of work I know I can be a bit of an introvert) and spent something like 12 minutes in jail. I've always found these events to be a lot of fun and the kids always know I'm more than willing to divulge the whereabouts of other teachers. (Oh I did see so-and-so at the Northern and I saw them heading home, so if you don't find them there, I'd check the school.)

We had our Meet the Creature night at the school earlier in the week and I left the school feeling quite positive. I easily had the biggest turn-out of parents in at least 4 years, which is always encouraging to see.

Tomorrow I am helping out with a Student Council fundraiser and I'm hoping to get in a good soccer practice Sunday afternoon with the boys. We've missed a few this week either because the gym was being used for other things or I had unexpected after school meetings to attend to.

It is getting colder temperature wise and may hit -30 over the weekend. I think my winter parka may make an appearance beginning tomorrow. This week I've pretty much walked to work in the dark and walked home in the dark. So the name of the game from now until Christmas is just to keep busy so your mind stays off the dark and cold preventing you from doing outdoor activities.