Thursday, November 16, 2006

Additions To My Bookshelf

I found that I didn't get much free time during my stay in Iqaluit though I did manage to get to Arctic Ventures. Arctic Ventures is a large store (by Arctic Bay standards) selling all manner of groceries, electronics, clothing etc.. One of the reasons I appreciate this particular store is its selection of rare northern books. I never pass up the opportunity to pop in when I can to pick up a book or two for my own collection. I could spend hours looking over the shelves but I was chaperoning eight 12-13 year olds so my time was limited.

So what did I pick up?

"Red Serge and Polar Bear Pants", a biography of RCMP officer Harry Stallworthy by University of Saskatchewan professor William Barr. Stallworthy may not be as well known as Sam Steele (no relation to me), FJ Fitzgerald of the "Lost Patrol" or WJD Dempster but he did lead an interesting life patrolling in Chesterfield Inlet, upholding northern sovereignty sledging across Ellesmere Island and helping guard Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt while they visited Canada in 1944. I'm about a quarter of the way through so far and I'm finding it an enjoyable read.

I also picked up "Arctic Convoys: 1941-1945", by Richard Woodman, a history behind Allied re-supply efforts to Russia through the northern ports of Murmansk and Archangel. The history buff in me can't wait to crack this one open.

Also, "The Franklin Conspiracy" by Jeffrey Blair Latta. Much has been written about Franklin's ill-fated search for the Northwest Passage. What made me grab this one up off the shelf was the word "conspiracy" in the book title. I enjoy these types of historical mysteries. I'm not exactly sure what the conspiracy is but I guess I'll discover this soon enough.

Happy Reading!