Monday, October 09, 2006

Wow.......Blog Comments

I never really thought I was generating much traffic and that people actually read my drivel. (I secretly wondered why no one seemed to be posting comments). Today I realized that all the comments that had been posted had wound up on a separate page "awaiting moderation". I stumbled across this page today while I was just playing around with Blogger. Anyhow, I've fixed the problem so comments will now appear directly along with each post. You learn something new every day.

Turns out I had 30 some odd comments piled up from across the teritory and even overseas.....who knew?

For all the people that have been reading and posting comments to on my blog, I promise I wasn't ignoring you all this time by not responding. I've added in a few responses. You'll just have to go through and find them.......happy hunting!


J Consortium said...

Hahaha..I figured that's what happened with the comments but I didn't say anything because I thought maybe you were trying to keep comments private and/or because you disliked comments and just ignored them, haha.

You may get some spam comments as Blogger is pretty bad for that. The character verification keeps them away, though. So if you get any spam, it'd be good to turn that on.

Nancy said...

I read your drivel! (laughs) I can't remember if I met you when I was in Arctic Bay, I met a few teachers during the sick-notes-of-yore round-up back at the end of the school year (I was a casual nurse in June and August). I love your photos, I have your blog and Clare's on my bloglines list to keep up with what the weather and the gorgeous landscapes are up to in Arctic Bay.

Way Way Up said...

Nancy, thank you for reading my drivel.

J Consortium, some good advice...I've already intercepted a Viagra ad.

J Consortium said...

Ooh, really? Feel like giving me the link? Hahahaha kidding. I always like to pretend spam is useful.


Martin Dinan said...

Hi, your blog is a lot more than drivel. For me, it is a window on Nunavut. Keep the postings coming. They are great!