Sunday, October 15, 2006

What I Had Hoped to Do Was..... a couple of pictures of the sunrise from earlier last week to show how quickly we are losing daylight now. Unfortunately, they will have to wait as Blogger wasn't being particularly cooperative tonight. What I hope to do is take a few more early morning pictures later this week and post them along with a picture from last Tuesday's sunrise just to show the difference a week can make in terms of the light we get. We are losing about 15 minutes of daylight each day. The sun doesn't officially rise until just after 9am....but sunrise will come about 7-8 minutes later each morning until sometime around Nov. 11-13 when it won't rise at all. Even then, we don't get complete darkness as we will then get a few short hours of twilight each day until the sun rises for the first time in 2007 during the first week of February.

For the first time this school year I've been able to hold both of the scheduled weekend soccer practices. Before, the community gym was either being used for a table sale, for court or I had pressing things I needed to get done for my classes. Both teams are gearing up for the regional tournament and are getting excited to go. What makes it interesting this year is that Iqaluit will not be having a Boys 13 and Under team which means things will be wide open this year. So we have the potential to do quite well. I'm pretty sure we'll be in tough against Cape Dorset and last year the teams from Pangnirtung and Clyde River couldn't make it due to weather so things will be very interesting. Our girls team (15 and Under) will have a bit of a tougher go since we have a young team this year. We didn't have enough girls to make a 13 and Under team so I had to put them in the next age category so that at least the ones that wanted to compete could have a chance to play. They will play Iqaluit, Iglulik and one other community whose name escapes me at the moment. The girls did pick up a win in last year's tournament and are all grit and determination, however.

The only little mistake I made as a new coach was not collecting all the boys' soccer uniforms at the end of last year's tournament so I will leave it to them to pick one up from a player that went last year. We are hoping to get new jerseys shortly though so luckily I still have time. I like the dark blue they wore last year, though I've had suggestions from some of the players for black, light blue and even orange.