Sunday, October 29, 2006

One Step Forward, One Step Back

I found out yesterday court will be in session this week so our school gym will be out of service for our soccer practices for this coming week. Its frustrating since we have our tournament coming up in a couple weeks. I'd like to fit in as many practice times as we can before we head down to Iqaluit Nov. 10. Not having the gym also means that student council's planned Hallowe'en events will have to take place in classrooms, though this is no biggie since it's been done before.

The step forward is that as long as things go as planned I have it arranged so that the company sending up our new soccer jerseys from Iqaluit will instead take them over to the high school so they should be there on time for the tournament. This has the added bonus of saving shipping costs.

Arctic Bay recently did a community development survey/plan which identified a new gym or youth centre as a priority. I really hope some action is taken on this although its government we're dealing with here so I'm not holding my breath. The old community centre, which I've been told was built in the '70's, is too small and has long since been boarded up.

Despite the obstacles, things keep on keeping on though if we were one of the lucky decentralized communities and had more infrastructure it would make a darn sight easier.


jennifer said...

Looks like we'll be meeting in Iqaluit! I'm the girls' soccer coach for Igloolik and we're heading to the tournament Nov 10th too!
Incidentally, have you received the fax with your flight/meal/accommodations info yet?

See you in a couple of weeks!

Way Way Up said...

Oops....hope I didn't get away any big secrets to the competition by mentioning about our gym. Luckily court didn't get in today so we still managed to sneak in a practice. See you in Iqaluit!