Tuesday, October 03, 2006


One of the things that I would like to see start up at our school is a student council to get more students involved in their school and have more fun. Its an idea I've had in my mind for awhile but I've worked in a school with student council since my first year in Fort Smith, NT. But I decided to take the plunge just to see what would happen.

I held a short meeting at the end of the day just to see how many students would be interesting in starting one up. I had a small group turn up, not as many as I would have liked. I know many students work after school and have other obligations but hopefully the idea will snowball into something. Maybe its just the political junkie in me coming out but I also think its a good hands-on experience for students to see how elections and decision making and cooperation work. (Well, perhaps the cooperation part is lacking at the federal level....But there's two out of three which ain't bad.)

Yesterday as well we were treated to a rare sight - a large group of narwhals out in the bay. I'm not sure how many there were but there had to have been at least a dozen animals. I could see them quite clearly from my classroom window. The grade 9 class I was due to have at that time had all gone out to see the narwhals during the previous period and were a bit slow returning. Can't say as I blame them though. Apparently, narwhals don't come right into the bay here that often. It's probably the only time I'll ever have a cancelled class due to narwhals.

Here are a couple of quick pictures I took last night from the comfort of my livingroom (getting chilly here now) or the sky darkening around 5pm yesterday afternoon.


J Consortium said...

That's cool that you got to see narwhals!

At my school we've been trying to start a student council, too. Nobody could ever make a decision so I made some posters and scheduled a meeting and now there's 4 of us. Most of my classmates have kids so most don't have time for student council. Hopefully we'll do some fun stuff.

Way Way Up said...

I've got a small but very keen group of kids that want to be president so here's hoping.