Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Big Picture

Here is the satellite shot mentioned in my previous post. The white dot in the middle is Nanisivik. Arctic Bay is just a smidgen to the left of this dot. The dot in the upper right hand corner is Pond Inlet and the other dot on the far left is Resolute. This map is rotated such that "north" is to the left. If you look closely enough you can see me smiling and waving out my livingroom window, happy to live and work in such a magical place.


Curt, Melissa & Christopher said...

Hello Darcy,
In June I posted a cloud photo in hopes of getting some feedback as to what was happening, I wonder, is this photo similiar to the "wave" photo you recieved? Please check it out.
Take Care

c'est moi said...

Hey up! I'm a transplanted Ontarian living and working in Nunavik (Quebec). I did a three year stint that started my career here then moved on to northern Ontario, and Northern Alberta, before being drawn back to the place where it all began. I guess what I'm getting at is that I really connect to what you have to say about the allure of the north. I left it but it never left me. Moreover, I felt a strong sense of coming home when I returned here.

Anyway, I ran across you through another northerner's blog. I would like to add links on my blog to other arctic blogs and am wondering if I could put one up back to you? Check out my ravings, if your so inclined at

Also, did you read all those books on the north? That's a lot of reading but you're missing the poetry of Robert Service...It's a must have for anyone who has read as much as I assume you have on the north.

Way Way Up said...

Curtis, the "wave" photo I was referring to was actually the satellite picture on my post and not a ground level shot. The clouds in the satellite photo closely resembled waves. It was this photo I was referring to in my post a couple days ago. I just wasn't able to post it until the following day.

c'est moi....I started collecting my northern books when I started out teaching in Fort Smith and I've read them all....a few more than once. I've read a bit of Robert Service but unfortunately I don't have a volume of Service poems. Much of my northern library are either memoirs and socio-political/historical (is that a word?) stuff.